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Golf Course Architecture

At Mariano Corral Landscape Architect, PA., we specialize in golf course landscape architecture and are proud to have provided our services on many beautiful properties in the local area.

Golf course architecture requires careful planning by experienced designers, which is precisely what our company has to offer. Our knowledgeable team will take the time to get to know your property before we set to work creating a highly customized design.

To learn more about our expertise or what our experts could offer you, please don’t hesitate to reach us at (305) 551-1262 today.

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Understanding the Importance of Professional Golf Course Landscape Design

Golf is a complex game that requires a carefully designed and accurately constructed course. The quality of your golf course and golfers’ experience with it will directly impact the reputation you build and the success of your business in the future, so it’s essential to trust the right expert.

A professional golf course architect, like Mariano Corral Landscape Architect, PA., will work to fit golf shots and strategies to the natural contours of the land. We will carefully work out challenging patterns, locating sand, grass, hills, and slopes in appropriate locations.

Our team will build you a golf course as playable as it is attractive.

Book a Meeting with Our Experts to Discuss Golf Course Design

When you’re considering golf course design for your property, we invite you to book an on-site consultation with our experts. During this meeting, we will get an understanding of the natural landscape, the location and cohesion of vegetation, ponds, paths, stones, and woodwork and determine how to work with them.

The design will involve the principles of golf, including the number of holes on the course, their par values, and the proximity of the green to the tee box. These are all details we will consider in-depth when creating your design.

The Golf Course Construction Process: What to Expect

Before diving into golf course construction, it’s important to know what to expect – here’s a simple breakdown.


The construction process begins by removing natural topsoil and replacing it with special soil compositions in different areas of the course.

Hills and Dips

We will then work to create hills and dips depending on the design and goals of the course design.


We will include superior drainage systems to help you avoid puddles and pest issues.

Get a Quote for Your Golf Couse Landscape Design Project

Every golf course is unique, and the cost of your design will vary depending on the project’s scale. Once we have taken a look at your property and understood your goals, our experts should be able to provide you with a cost breakdown, and we’d be happy to do so.

For more pricing information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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If you’re ready to invest in professional golf course design, Mariano Corral Landscape Architect, PA. is at your service. Our experts look forward to helping you transform your property into a beautiful and lucrative golfer’s paradise!