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In 1982,

Mariano Corral and Associates P.A. was established and became the fastest-growing company in Landscape Architecture in the state with a staff of 18 professionals within three years of operation.

Mr. Corral in 1987 obtained a certificate diploma in Golf Course Design from Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts.

It was in 1992 that Mr. Corral met Eddie Elias of Elias Enterprises along with the famous Puerto Rican golf professional, Juan "Chi Chi Rodriguez" and a friendship was established, and ultimately, he and Elias Enterprises selected Mr. Corral as Chi Chi Rodriguez personal golf course architect.

Still, to date, Mr. Corral is the only Cuban-American in the world that designs golf courses. He has master-planned communities and golf courses in Florida, Bahamas, Ecuador, El Salvador, Tenerife, Spain, and Venezuela.

Mr. Corral has had the pleasure of working with such notables Golf Professionals as Jack Nicklaus (La Gorce Country Club, Miami Beach), Johnny Miller (Binks Forrest, West Palm Beach), Tom Fazio, (Bonita Bay, Florida), and the PGA Tour Staff at Golf Club of Miami.

Mariano Corral received his Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University (LSU). He graduated in the top 10 of his class. During his tenure at LSU, the college was ranked and still is today as the number one school in the nation for Landscape Architecture.


Mariano Corral, CEO / Principal

Mariano Corral Landscape Architect, PA

Personal Education and History

In 1971 Mariano Corral graduated from La Salle High school where he participated in various sports, but his passion is in the game of Chess. As an avid Chess player, he was ranked 3rd best in Miami Dade County Florida in 1969-1970. He believes that by knowing the game it provides patience, planning, understanding of your opponent and the ability to look into the future as you would in the world of design and business. He also loves history and he is constantly reading and researching and exploits it as one of the techniques to plan ahead.

Immediately upon graduation from high school, he began working with architect Ted Gottfried, AIA. For two years he worked in various designs projects, from hospitals to multi-family residential to resort planning, before moving on to finish his career at LSU in Landscape Architecture. “Everyone in the design field has to start somewhere and learn the basics of the real world”. It was at Gottfried’s office where Mr. Corral learned about drafting, architectural design, collaboration with other discipline, and the politics that comes with it. He continued his studies and working at the same time with several architects, landscape architects, engineering companies, and landscape contractors to gain actual field experience.

Mariano Corral received his Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University (LSU). He graduated in the top 10 of his class. During his tenure at LSU, the college was ranked and still is today as the number one school in the nation for Landscape Architecture.

From this point he continued practicing his career in landscape architecture with the best company in the State of Florida and Louisiana such as: Walter Taft Bradshaw & Assoc., Ft. Lauderdale, Edward Jenkins & Assoc., Louisiana, and Albert Perez & Assoc., Miami, Fla., Bruce Howard and Associates, Inc. The latter eventually led to the partnership of Corral-Howard Collaborative, Inc. for nine years and dissolving in 2000.

Mariano Corral obtained his licensure in 1981 in the State of Florida and in 1988 in the State of Kansas. During this time, he was recognized for his innovative ideas and creativity in the planning of large-scale residential projects, parks, urban design and resorts. He has received numerous accolades and awards during his 40 years of experience in the design field locally, nationally and internationally.

Mariano Corral has left his traces in various States in America and abroad. These are: Illinois, Kansas, Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Eleuthera, Bahamas, Tenerife, Spain, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Venezuela He has appeared in numerous television shows in Miami, South America, and in Spain as well in newspapers and in magazines locally, nationally and internationally.

Mr. Corral has lecture in various cities throughout the USA and taught at Miami Dade Community College in plant materials and design. Mr. Corral helps to promote the field of Landscape Architecture in high schools. He believes that by talking to young men and women at an early age he helps to provide a bright future in the art and career of Landscape Architecture.

“Nothing is more important than our kids. They are our legacy and the future to our profession and country. It is our duty to help them and provide guidance to become responsible adults and have a profession that they will be recognized for their contribution to society and enjoy for the rest of their lives.”

Philosophy on Landscape Architecture and Golf Architecture

Landscape Architecture is best described in the simplest term as the art of design and scientific knowledge which when combined will produce organized open spaces for the use by man and his enjoyment while protecting the environment. Through the use of design creativity and technical procedures, Landscape Architects must have knowledge in the cultural, science and political structure of the natural habitat to be able to apply his or her skills for the management of the planned constructed elements. These skills encompass many factors such as: safety, aesthetics, construction, technology, history, sociology, philosophy, soil science, plant and water sciences, horticultural practices, and energy conservation principles. Each facet needs the other for a truly successful and enjoyable sustainable built environment of usable space.

Landscape Architecture has become such a specialized field in the last 40 years within the design community, that Landscape Architects are no longer a luxury but a necessity. “We must create sustainable environments which in the long run won’t create a hardship for our kids in the future. The world has become too small and the proper use of resources not only affects the environment here, but throughout the world. We are now inter-connected across the globe and we can no longer afford to be arrogant and selfish when it comes to protecting the planet”. Each project if treated as its own Eco-system will provide a myriad of benefits that would eventually link with each other to create a regional sustainable environment.

Golf Course Architecture is the art and science of accumulating 18 individual expansive open spaces into one beautiful cohesive master piece which integrates and respects the sensitivity of the surrounding environment for the pleasure and enjoyment of man.

Golf Course Architecture has evolved into a dynamic entity which requires extensive knowledge in marketing, agronomy, turf comprehension, soil science, sociology, technology, and water science plus much more. In fact all the principles of Landscape Architecture can be applied in Golf Architecture. “I see it as a huge park of approximately four (4) miles long which the lawn fairways are the pedestrian walkway which leads to a progression of visual enjoyment at every turn only to end and asking for more”.

Each designer has his own vision of paradise, achieving it is only a test of time which has been accomplished by such great architects as Seth Rayner, Donald Ross, Allister Mackenzie, George Crump, Harry S. Colt, A.W. Tillinghast, H. Chandler Egan, and of course Old Tom Morris.

Today, Golf Course Architecture and Landscape Architecture are an integral part of each other. One cannot exist without the other.

With humility and dedication, Mr. Corral is a master in the understanding of its customers and its processes. With experience in international work, Mariano Corral, adapts to the situations in each country using the technology and designs of today. It is important to have an understanding of the market for each country and the way people live, before introducing radical new ideas. By combining the new with the best of old ideas which people can relate to, it won’t be as shocking. Knowing the cost factors and the availability of indigenous materials and how it is applied is just as equally important, and that only comes from personal working experience.

Respect and personal relationship with customers are very important and equally with workers who are performing the physical work and have an understanding "what are our ideas", and "what we are trying to accomplish in the end product". Arrogance will not lead to a better product, but team work with strong leadership will always lead to success.

Supervision of projects is the key to success. Unsupervised projects cannot be guarantee that it will show off the best final product.

"Concerns of security for the welfare of the public are one of our priorities. Before starting a project, we try to anticipate potential concerns to prevent dangerous situations for the welfare of the public. This also prevents any costs over runs”.

We are not perfect, but if we address, anticipate, and identify and eliminate at least 90% of the problems before beginning any designs and construction work, that transfers to low costs in construction and a good return profit to the client.

“Our ultimate goals and primary duties are for the benefit, enjoyment and protection of the general public”.

Awards, Professional Associations and Personal Accomplishments
  • Member of the American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Currently Published in Marquis Who’s Who Millennium Magazine - 2021
  • Current member and past Chairman of the ERPB Design review board – South Miami, Fl. 2022
  • Member of the International Arborist Society
  • Grader examiner for the State of Florida Licensure Accreditation
  • Landscape Architect of the Year Award by the Miami Chapter of the American Institute of Architects
  • Associate Vice President of the BASF ( Builders Association of South Florida)
  • Associate of the Year Award by the BASF 1989
  • Past Executive and Board of Directors for BASF 1988-1994
  • First Place Fame Awardsby the Builders Association of South Florida
  • Chairman of the 1989 Fame Awards Program
  • City of Miami Beach Historical Preservation Award – 2006 for Copley Plaza Hotel ( Circa Hotel)
  • The FNGA State Landscape Awards
  • Spanish Commerce International Award , First Place Award - Almeria, Spain , for Cape Marco Development, Marco Island, Florida as the Best International Project of the Year.
  • Adjunct Professor at Miami Dade Community College for Planting Design
  • Writer for Latin Builders Association Proyecto Magazine (LBA)
  • Guest Speaker at the Homestead Plant Exhibition and Conference (HPX Show)
  • Member of the Cocoplum Design Review Board- Coral Gables, Fl. From 1980-1992
  • Member of The City of Miami Latin Quarters Design Review Board (1987-1989)
  • Radio, Television and Magazine appearances:
    1. Channel 2- Miami,
    2. Channel 6- Miami-Sunday Morning Show,
    3. Miami Herald Design Section and Diario Las Americas,
    4. National Builders Magazine
    5. 5Almeria, Spain - Radio, Television and Newspapers,
    6. Venezuelan Newspapers and Magazines,
    7. Ecuador Television Garden and Design show, and Newspapers.

Best-in-Class Landscaping

Here at our company, we take pride in giving our customers the very best. We’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure we do. We believe that quality makes a difference. And our values inform the quality of our work. We’re proud to be a locally owned, locally staffed company with good local values. Values like hard work, honesty, and reliability. You can count on us to give it a hundred percent every step of the way, to always offer fair quotes and give honest opinions, and to show up and finish at the agreed-upon times. It’s no wonder we have so many satisfied customers all over town.

For every client, we promise:

  • Speedy service
  • Quality workmanship
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Trained and qualified crew members
  • Competitive rates
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Our Team of Landscapers

Tested, Trusted, and Reliable

Our team consists of qualified landscapers committed to their craft. Each of them undergoes extensive training, rigorous screening, and boasts a wealth of experience in the field. We make sure they’re up-to-date on safety precautions and that they are courteous and respectful. They are the best in the business, always going above and beyond to serve our valued clientele.

We use top-of-the-line equipment purchased from trusted brand name suppliers, and we take extra effort and care every step of the way to make sure you have work that lasts. It’s this hard work and attention to detail that set us apart as a service provider.